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  1)  For years, studies have found that first-generation college students-those who do not have a parent with a college degree-lag other students on a range of education achievement factors. Their grades are lower and their dropout rates are higher. But since such students are most likely to advance economically if they succeed in higher education, colleges and universities have pushed for decades to recruit more of them. This has created "a paradox" in that recruiting first-generation students, but then watching many of them fail, means that higher education has "continued to reproduce and widen, rather than close" achievement gap based on social class, according to the depressing beginning of a paper forthcoming in the journal Psychological Science.

  2)  But the article is actually quite optimistic, as it outlines a potential solution to this problem, suggesting that an approach (which involves a one-hour, next-to-no-cost program) can close 63 percent of the achievement gap (measured by such factors as grades) between first-generation and other students.

  3)  The authors of the paper are from different universities, and their findings are based on a study involving 147 students(who completed the project)at an unnamed private university.First generation was defined as not having a parent with a four-year college degree Most of the first-generation students(59.1 percent) were recipients of Pell Grants,a federal g rant for undergraduates with financial need,while this was true only for 8.6 percent of the students with at least one parent with a four-year degree

  4) Their thesis-that a relatively modest intervention could have a big impact-was based on the view that first-gene ration students may be most lacking not in potential but in practical knowledge about how to deal with the issues that face most college students They cite past research by several authors to show that this is the gap that must be narrowed to close the achievement gap.

  5) Many first-gene ration students “struggle to navigate the middle-class culture of higher education,learn the 'rules of the game,'and take advantage of college resources," they write And this becomes more of a problem when collages don't talk about the class advantage and disadvantages of different groups of students Because US colleges and universities seldom acknowledge how social class can affect students' educational experience,many first-gene ration students lack sight about why they are struggling and do not understand how students' like them can improve.

  26. Recruiting more first-generation students has_____.

  [A] reduced their dropout rates

  [B] narrowed the achievement gap

  [C] missed its original purpose

  [D] depressed college students

  27 The authors of the research article are optimistic because_____.

  [A] their finding appeal to students

  [B] the recruiting rate has increased

  [C] the problem is solvable

  [D] their approach is costless

  28 The study suggests that most first-generation students_____.

  [A] are from single-parent families

  [B] study at private universities

  [C] are in need of financial support

  [D] have failed their collage

  29. The author of the paper believe that first-generation students _____.

  [A] may lack opportunities to apply for research projects

  [B] are inexperienced in handling their issues at college

  [C] can have a potential influence on other students

  [D] are actually indifferent to the achievement gap

  30.We may infer from the last paragraph that_____.

  [A]universities often reject the culture of the middle-class

  [B]students are usually to blame for their lack of resources

  [C]social class greatly helps enrich educational experiences

  [D]colleges are partly responsible for the problem in question



  根据题干recruiting more first generation students定位到首段第三、四句。第三句指出了高校在争取招收更多第一代大学生,并说明原因:这类学生一日能够顺利完成高等教育,就是最有可能取得经济发展的人群。第四句却指出实际情形是:高校眼睁睁地看着很多“第一代大学生”走向失败,使得高等教育进步拉大了基于社会阶层的成就差异。结合两句可以判断,高校努力招收更多第一代大学生的做法未达初衷,[C]选项符合文意。


  根据题干The authors of the research article、optimistic 定位到第二段。该段主句指出文章作者态度相当乐观,从句则以因果关系标志词as引出原因:文中提出了问题(“第一代大学生”落后于其他学生)的可能解决方案,且此方案只需一小时,成本几乎为零。可见.[C]选项正确.









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